Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchillas Cage 62cm


• Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchillas Cage 62cm
• Comfy home for little pets – Rabbits, guinea pig and chinchillas
• Lightweight and portable – Great for bringing pets out
• Heavy-duty powder coated stand
• Durable plastic base
• Detachable top and bottom for easy cleaning
• Base with high wall – Reduce spillage and waste
• Bottom storage space – Store food, toys, water, etc.
• Secured door – Easy stroking and feeding anytime
• Easy and secure ‘quick release’ clips – Fasten your base and lid together
• Small-space chew proof wired – Prevent escape pet
• Set up in seconds – No tools required
• Includes 12 Month Warranty
• Includes FREE Delivery Australia Wide

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What’s up doc? Well, if Bugs was for real, he’ll love the spacious quality of our Pet Rabbit Cage.

A perfect home for your beloved bunnies, and perhaps even guinea piggies, chinchillas and other small furry friends, our Pet Rabbit Cage has plenty of room to play and nap. Making it a safe and secured environment for them to feel happy, calm and restful at all times.

With a heavy-duty powder-coated metal frame top and durable plastic base, the Cage is built to last. The high base walls ensure that spillage is kept to a minimum while the detachable top makes for easy cleaning everytime. The close-spaced wires reduce the chances of any pet escape while the wide openings allows for easy access to your furry friends for a time outside.

Weighing at only 2.5kg, the Pet Rabbit Cage is lightweight enough to bring it on the road and sturdy and strong for all intents and purposes. Get one for your precious pets today.


Material: Powder coated steel
Cage base material: Plastic
Bar space: 2cm
Weight: 2.5kg
Door dimension: 22 x 17cm
Overall dimension: 62.5(L) x 36.5(W) x 34(H)cm